About Prakruthi Nestham

Prakruthi Nestham, a journey into the world of Organic is established by Dr. (Hc) N. Venu Gopal Raju with his 35 years of vision to provide healthier food to the society. Inspired by the great influential writer and advisor of Ayurveda Shri Vaagbhata and Legendary Rajit Dixit, Dr. (Hc) N. Venu Gopal Raju is serving to the society from 2010 by providing pure organic and “ Certification Name” certified products.

Being a Philanthropist, Dr. (Hc) N. Venu Gopal Raju has always strived to provide quality, safe food for people by practicing Organic agriculture striking an ecology balance such as soil biological activities, biological cycles and enhance biodiversity. The products we provide you are the pure, highest quality and natural.