Organic Food Products

‘Prakruthi Nestham’ has grown on the principles of health, ecology, and care. We believe in working with a large number of accredited farmers who do not use or promote the use of pesticides and genetically modified seeds to grow their produce. We aim to give our customers a healthy chemical-free meal for the perfect nutrition.

The highest quality nutritional products available in the market today, our ever-growing range of packaged food items are grown by certified organic farmers. From planting the seeds to the delivery of all our products, Prakruthi Nestham is committed to setting new standards of quality. We are also committed to responsible packaging and use glass bottles for our food items to maintain quality and purity by preventing chemical contamination that is inevitable with plastic. Go organic for a happy, healthy, and sustainable future for you, your family and the world!

Sweets & Savories (Traditional Snacks)

Caught up with eating clean and cannot miss out on desi sweets and snacks? PRAKRUTHI NESTHAM has eatables that are completely organic, sugar and preservative-free. As someone who has always followed the lifestyle of eating tiny meals and healthy snacks, PRAKRUTHI NESTHAM ventured into opening a home food studio only after realising the significance of eating healthy. Also after a much-needed nudge (and support) from its fam!

At the moment, PRAKRUTHI NESTHAM offers around eight 21types of Sweets & Savories (Traditional Snacks) that include variants like flaxseeds, oats, dry fruits, millets, puffed jawar, and rice flakes. We’ve dug into these sugar-free desserts ourselves — the crumbly flaxseed ladoos and the dry fruit ones (naturally sweetened by dates) won us over. In fact, these make for lovely gifting options (not just for the health-conscious peeps) too. Along with ladoos, RAKRUTHI NESTHAM makes podis (flavoured powder that is mixed with rice and eaten) which appeases the South Indian in us. Karvepaku Kaaram (curry leaf powder) and Flaxseed Kaaram (spicy flaxseed powder) are her sell-outs! And if you take your avakayi annam (pickled rice) seriously, her carrot pickle must occupy a space in your kitchen. Now, aren’t you making plans to ditch sugary desserts for these organic ones?